iOS 5 to add new accessibility features (update)

Apple unveiled iOS 5 on Monday for their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The new software adds many new accessibility features such as LED flash indicator for incoming notifications. This feature could be very useful for people with low vision that would be unable to see the screen but are able to see the flashing LED.

Another new feature of iOS 5 is speak-it. Speak-it allows a user to highlight text and then select speak-it and the highlighted text will be read allowed. iOS 5 adds many new features you can learn more and iOS 5 will be released this fall.

(Update): Another accessibility found in a beta build of iOS 5 is the ability to draw custom gestures. These custom gestures will work with external braille displays over bluetooth. The feature could enable a user to draw a gestures to, for example, to control the braille display. Found on
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