ScreenChomping Math Metacognition

Problem solving is becoming the focus of many math educators. In fact, the new Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice put this strategy front and center. However, many math programs don't seem to have much embedded problem solving practice - and even when it is present, it often seems lacking. What to do?

Of course! iPads!

ScreenChomp is a free app that allows students to record what they write on a virtual whiteboard and also captures their narration as they "draw." Utilizing this app, I have begun giving students challenging math situations and asking them to use the ScreenChomp whiteboard as scratch paper while narrating their thinking aloud. As they fumble through misconceptions, or sail to a solution, their thinking journey is captured.

I then ask students to switch iPads with either an at-level partner, or a scaffolded support partner. They each view their partner's metacognition and respond. The students tried this out last week and again today and are really enjoying it. Said one student, "Wow! It's like being in his head!"

I am now considering developing a rubric or guide to support students as they create their visual/audio think aloud videos as well as analyze their classmate's thinking.

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