Hello Edmodo, Why you're just Facebook for School!

What? Kids can't be on Facebook in school! Well now they can... in a way.

Enter Edmodo.com - an educational social networking site that allows teachers to create virtual classrooms in which they can:
- Create assignments
- Create calendars
- Write messages to whole class, groups of students or individual students
- Upload content to a "library"
- Grade assignments
- And more!

Students have their own accounts through which they receive/send messages, turn in work, revise work, download class content and check the classroom schedule. Parents can also get accounts so that they can see students' grades, progress and comments. The gradebook even exports as a CSV file for ease of use.

I've been using it daily since we returned from Spring Break to help my students to collaborate in mathematical problem solving. Even better than using a blog-site, Edmodo allows my students to not only communicate with each other about their math thinking, but also gives me the opportunity to assess them privately and have one-on-one coaching conversations with individuals or differentiated groups of students. I have two classes - 311 and 313. I created "classes" for each room then "groups" within the rooms: Mercury, Venus and Earth in room 313, and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in room 311 (we're also doing an astronomy unit). The kids can log in, get a personalized assignment, collaborate to solve it and then receive private feedback from me! Then I just dump the data into my district's gradebook system.

An added benefit is that the kids are so incredible jazzed up about getting on "school facebook." The first time we used it they literally ooh'd and ahhh'd... a feat for a group of kids so entrenched in cool technology for the past 8 months.

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