The Wonderful World of iTunes U

In a previous post, I wrote about how I create mini-lesson movies for the iPads. You may have been thinking, "OK that's fine, but I don't have time to create my own movies." No worries - welcome to iTunes U. This is a section on the iTunes store with many - often FREE - video lessons and professional development material.

Khan Academy on iTunes U
One particularly amazing resource is Khan Academy - a series of video lessons brought to my attention by the great Bruce Ahlborn (my iPad Yoda). Khan Academy was created in 2006 by a businessman named Salman Khan. What began as a tutoring tool for Khan's cousins, Khan Academy is now a 2100+ video library of free lesson resources - many of which are available on iTunes U, and the rest of which you can find at I teach using the Everyday Math curriculum and so found it especially interesting that I could find lessons on lattice multiplication and other uncommon algorithms within this database. In addition, there are lessons ranging from a myriad of academic subjects and levels - from economics to astronomy -- all free.

Another great resource is located in the K-12 section of iTunes U. I have found many great PD opportunities for myself in this section, learning more about the Common Core State Standards initiative and primary problem solving strategies. While perhaps not a direct use for your students, these videos have been very intriguing for my professional growth and would have been overlooked had I not gone digging through these sections. If you have the time - take a look. Administrators, this may be an engaging and inexpensive way to give your staff differentiated PD while also teaching them technology skills.

In short iTunes U is a great place to "shop" for some ed resources - even those who have no money to spend can leave laden with great material to expand their students' (or their own) horizons.
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