First Time Syncing with the Bretford PowerSync Cart

Syncing one iPad may seem like a piece of cake, but setting up folders, restrictions, web links, and iTunes settings on 30 iPads? Not so cake-like.

After stumbling through this process myself two years ago, and helping dozens of teachers do it this fall, I realized I needed to create some sort of a resource so that teachers can learn this on their own. Teach a man to fish, if you will.

So without further ado, here is a PDF guide for how to set up, sync and deploy your iPads using the Bretford PowerSync cart. There are easier ways to do this using specialized software, but this is the best "novice" workflow I've found - something that is accesible to anyone with any level of iOS / iPad / syncing experience.

I plan to make this into an iBook as well, so stay tuned for that :). Hope this helps!
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