How to Display an iPad on a TV or Projector

The iPad can be a great classroom tool for teachers and students alike. It can be great for showing websites, presentations and more. To share your iPad on your classroom TV or projector you may need to buy new software or cables. Read on to learn how to display you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on your TV or Projector.

Adapters- One way to easily get your iPad screen onto the computer is to use adapters. Apple sells two adapters, one for connecting to a VGA projector and one for connecting to a HDTV. To buy the VGA adapter from Apple click here. To buy the HDMI adapter from Apple click here. Use of the adapters are as easy as plugin them in.

Software- A software program for PC and Mac called Reflection allows you to display your iPad or iPhone screen on the computer. This only works with iPhone 4S and higher and iPad 2 and higher. If you have one of these devices Reflections may be your best option. Reflection is wireless and easy to use. Click here to buy Reflection for $14.99.

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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to hook my iPad up to the TV and had no idea it was as simple as buying the adapter! I use my iPad to watch my Slingbox and it looks great, but when I have friends over it would definitely be useful if I could hook it up to the TV. I have to go out and get myself an ipad 2 hard case so I'll have to put one of these adapters on my list as well.