"...But I don't have a 1:1"

Often I speak to teachers who are so ready to redefine their classrooms but simply don't have the resources to go 1:1 at this time. While I point them to this page to start thinking about grants, there aren't always open funds ready to dole out $15,000+ to teachers. If you are in this situation, and have a projector, laptop, and perhaps one teacher iPad, here is a "recipe" for how you can leverage these devices on a daily basis... and still work some magic. If you are working in this situation and have ideas you don't see below, please share them in the comments section!

School Resource Recipes...
A guide for how to leverage technology in your classroom when you don’t have 1:1 devices.

1 Projector
1 iPad or Laptop
2-5 Classroom Computers

A Few Possible “Recipes” for success:

  • Leverage YouTube videos to share authentic videos with students to:
    • Extend learning
    • Ignite curiousity as an activator
    • Enrich content
    • Provide scaffolding
    • Provide extra practice
  • Create your own video lessons and “clone the teacher”:
    • Projecting the mini lesson on your screen while meeting with a small group to challenge or scaffold learning.
    • If you have a few classroom computer, you can also download or stream the videos onto these devices so that multiple students can either watch the same video or differentiated versions of the video simultaneously. (Headphones would help in this case).
    • Visit this page for more information on how to create your videos:
  • If you have an iPad, mirror your computer to your iPad using the program Doceri Desktop ($30):
    • This will allow you to control your computer from your iPad, turning it into an interactive whiteboard for only $30!
    • It will also allow you to record your lessons in real-time, as you teach them, and annotate over the desktop of your computer - or any open program or web browser - using the free companion app's annotation tools. Here is a video that demonstrates more of the program and app's features.
    • If you can afford an extra $99, purchase an AppleTV to mirror your iPad back to the projector. This will open a whole new world of interactive opportunities as you can stream audio and video from all your apps on your iPad. If you have a MacBook running the newest operating system - Mountain Lion - you'll also be able to wirelessly mirror video and sound from that device as well (if not you can download the program AirParrot which will allow you to do the same thing on a Mac or PC). For more information, here is a post about AppleTV.
  • Create PowerPoint or Keynote slideshows for each lesson:
    • Use the slideshows to guide your lesson.
    • Start off each slideshow with your objectives / I can statements, then your agenda and the steps for your lesson.
    • Have a hard time keeping pace in your lesson? Use the slides to help time yourself - i.e., as you plan, determine how many minutes to spend on each slide.
    • If you are using presentation mode, write in notes and reminders to yourself in the slide’s comments/notes section to help you remember certain teacher moves (i.e., “Collect twist ties and straws before moving on.” or “Check on S.F and D.G. for understanding per their IEP.”)
    • The best part? The slideshows are saved and ready for you to use next year!
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